Filler Treatments: Questions to Ask If You are Considering the Treatment.

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Aging happens to everyone. There’s no stopping it completely, but there are several ways to slow down your looks from aging. can help do this by helping fill out the contour and shape of the face to make it look more vibrant and healthy. Many people have heard of dermal fillers, but may not truly know what they involve. Here …

Can Botox Improve More Than Just Your Appearance?

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Botox might be the most well-known cosmetic procedure in history, and with good reason. It’s incredibly effective for treating wrinkles and lines and making the skin look more youthful. This is what it’s best known for, but is that all it can be used for? Originally, Botox was studied for helping with muscle spasms and sweating. The fact that it …

Facts About Botox That Make You Go Huh?

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Beauty isn’t always simple. Very few people, even those who are “born” with it, carry it on as they age. We develop wrinkles, and, or our skin sags, or we have a little more girth than we’d like. The amazing thing is that we now have so many technologies and techniques that can help slow those signs of aging to …

Fat Removal Without Surgery: Is CoolSculpting Really Effective?

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You exercise and eat healthy foods on a regular basis. In response, your body has a leaner appearance than years before. Your figure, however, may not be ideal. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure for a slimmer, less lumpy you, explore your options with CoolSculpting. Fat removal without surgery is effective when it’s performed by a talented professional. 

Fat Removal Without Surgery: CoolSculpting at the Cellular Level

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Many people in San Antonio have a concern about their appearance when it comes to body fat. Upper-arm fat, belly bulge, and those oversized love handles are top contenders for most men and women today. Strict dieting along with daily workouts at the gym have become common in society today. Fighting the bulge becomes a lifelong challenge. There is a …

Are There Limitations to Microneedling Based on Skin Type?

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Cosmetic procedures have quickly become the answer to women’s and men’s goals of looker younger.  A Cosmetic Dermatologist today provides many procedures that are non- invasive, have little to no recovery time and don’t cost you a fortune. One of the most popular is microneedling. If you aren’t familiar with this procedure, it is a process that removes fine lines, …

Which Method of Skin Rejuvenation Is Most Effective?

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Anyone who is considering skin rejuvenation wants to know the best and most effective method possible. But the reality is there are many variables to consider, including skin type, the type of treatments needed, your age, health and much more. On the other hand, there is an effective type of skin rejuvenation process available for everyone. Before you spend a …

4 Facts You Should Know About Belly Fat Removal

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If you ask anyone what they would like to change about their body, the most common answer would be to remove some belly fat. Fat seems to always accumulate in the belly area, and it can be difficult to remove. A quality diet combined with a regular exercise routine can help keep belly fat off, but some people still don’t …