When Medical Dermatology is the Solution to Your Acne

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You might think that acne mostly affects teens and is a minor inconvenience, but the fact is, acne is a medical issue and can be a huge issue for a lot of people in San Antonio. Sure, for most people it is more a cosmetic problem than anything else, but for some, acne requires a visit to a dermatologist to …

Filler Treatments: Questions to Ask If You are Considering the Treatment.

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Aging happens to everyone. There’s no stopping it completely, but there are several ways to slow down your looks from aging. can help do this by helping fill out the contour and shape of the face to make it look more vibrant and healthy. Many people have heard of dermal fillers, but may not truly know what they involve. Here …

Dermapen Benefits You Will Absolutely Love

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Confidence is very important when getting through the day. How you feel about yourself will largely determine how you approach the day and what state of mind you will be in. A big part of that is your skin. Having clear, healthy-looking skin makes us feel more attractive and feel more confident. Seemingly since the beginning of time, humans have …

Top San Antonio dermatologist related trends to keep in view

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Top San Antonio dermatologist related trends to keep in view The field of Dermatology is a vast and ever-changing one, with new trends developing every day. In San Antonio, thousands of people are turning to professional dermatologists to correct body imperfections. Here are some of the top San Antonio Dermatologist related trends to watch out for in 2016.

Dermatologist, Better Skin for a Better You

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Dermatologist, Better Skin for a Better You As the largest organ in the human body, the skin shows obvious signs of aging throughout a person’s lifetime. Wrinkles, acne, moles and other visible marks may be frustrating for people who want to have healthy skin. Although many skin marks are part of a person’s genetic makeup, there are treatments that can …

3 Tips from a Dermatologist for Clearer Skin

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3 Tips from a Dermatologist for Clearer Skin Almost everyone is affected by acne at some point in their lives, so a trip to the dermatologist is often called for. These skin experts can work with each individual to discover which treatments work for them. In fact, there is no cure for acne but simply treatment options. Whether you visit …

Not Quite Swimwear Ready? Summer Starts with Coolsculpting!

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As warmer weather settles in, beach-goers get excited about heading to the water and soaking up the sun. However, the body may still look like it’s storing fat for winter. There is a subtle yet effective solution for losing those extra pounds: coolsculpting. This procedure is normally performed by a dermatologist and provides astounding results that almost anyone would love. …

The Top 3 Credentials of a Reputable Dermatologist.

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Dermatology is more than just acne and basic skin care. Today’s skin doctors perform beauty regimens and medical procedures out of the same office. Patients could live in a big city, such as San Antonio, with numerous skin experts to choose from, however. Patients should look for these top credentials to verify the reputation and skill of a dermatologist.