Filler Treatments: Questions to Ask If You are Considering the Treatment.

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Aging happens to everyone. There’s no stopping it completely, but there are several ways to slow down your looks from aging. can help do this by helping fill out the contour and shape of the face to make it look more vibrant and healthy. Many people have heard of dermal fillers, but may not truly know what they involve. Here …

You’ve Had Botox, Now What? Important Tips About Aftercare

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Just like anything else, our bodies will show the signs of aging. That wear and tear can be frustrating for many people, which is why there are so many anti-aging products techniques, and treatments to help people look and feel younger. One of the most popular is Botox. Unlike filler treatments, it works by loosening certain muscles and nerves. Since …

Coolsculpting or Diet and Exercise?

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Everyone is always looking for that perfect figure, turning to fad diets and contouring undergarments to create a thin body. When San Antonio residents are really searching for a long-term weight loss answer, they must consider several options. From coolsculpting to lifestyle changes, everyone must moderate their behavior for the perfect body and healthy look.  

Why Filler Treatments are the New Black.

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Several decades ago, aging across the face was only treated with invasive surgeries, including facelifts. More people today are looking to innovative dermatology treatments in big cities, including San Antonio. Instead of a complete surgical procedure, patients trust filler treatments to wipe the years off faces. These simple treatments are slowly becoming the new black for many patients. Makeup No …

Why Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures Are Not as Bad as You Think.

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When cosmetic dermatology was in its infancy, patients only had facelifts and other extreme procedures to choose from as they enhanced their beauty. Thoughts of facial bruising and hiding behind sunglasses were usually true recovery problems, but today’s procedures are vastly different. When a patient enters a doctor’s office in San Antonio, for instance, they’re met with several procedure options. …

What Tips Does a Dermatologist Recommend to Maintain Youthful Skin?

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As the skin ages, it loses its youthful elasticity as wrinkles, lines and sagging set in. Although this is a natural process, people often want to turn back the hands of time using strategic beauty regimens. In today’s advanced dermatology world, there are both simple and complex tactics to keep that youthful look for as long as possible. From filler …