The Truth About Chemical Peels: What You Should Know

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There is a good reason that chemical peels have been a favorite choice for people in San Antonio for so long. The fact is, they work well at helping to reduce the signs of acne scars, uneven skin, and wrinkles. The procedure seems to be regaining some lost popularity in recent years, as patients are looking at some more tried …

What To Expect With Injectable Fillers: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Many people in San Antonio and around the world are trying to look younger. Diets, creams, surgery, and injectable fillers are all options for those who seek the fountain of youth. Dermal fillers have become especially popular in recent years for several reasons. Talking with your cosmetic dermatologist can help you find out what skin rejuvenation technique will be best …

Injectable Fillers: A Quick and Easy Guide

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As a person ages, the skin can lose tissue and volume. That is one of the prime causes of wrinkles and lines. As they develop around the nose, mouth, and cheeks, they can start to look hollow. To help improve volume, your cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio can treat you with injectable fillers to help bring you back to your …

Are There Limitations to Microneedling Based on Skin Type?

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Cosmetic procedures have quickly become the answer to women’s and men’s goals of looker younger.  A Cosmetic Dermatologist today provides many procedures that are non- invasive, have little to no recovery time and don’t cost you a fortune. One of the most popular is microneedling. If you aren’t familiar with this procedure, it is a process that removes fine lines, …

Which Method of Skin Rejuvenation Is Most Effective?

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Anyone who is considering skin rejuvenation wants to know the best and most effective method possible. But the reality is there are many variables to consider, including skin type, the type of treatments needed, your age, health and much more. On the other hand, there is an effective type of skin rejuvenation process available for everyone. Before you spend a …

What to Keep in Mind as You Search for a Cosmetic Dermatologist

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People need a cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio for many reasons. However, not all of them are created equally. It’s important to spend a significant amount of time searching for the right professional. They will be working with sensitive areas of your body, so the last thing you want to do is regret your decision after the work is done. …

A Vampire Facial: Not So Pretty But Well Worth It

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Patients have various reasons why they may want to undergo skin rejuvenation procedures. However, many people choose to avoid the procedure because they are afraid of injections, needles or the potential side effects that go along with them. However, a vampire facial may be the best option for many reasons.