The Best Dermatologist Share Their Skincare Tips

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Many people are looking for new and better ways to provide their skin with the best possible look, feel, and health. With skin cancer a growing concern, it’s vital that you balance the need for vibrancy and beauty with preventative health. Here are some of the best skin tips from the best dermatologist in San Antonio. 

Choose Custom Care

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When it comes to skincare, what works for you won’t necessarily work for everyone else. Everyone is unique, and everyone’s skin is unique. That means that your skincare routine must be catered to your specific needs. Consult with a cosmetic dermatologist to talk about your needs, and so that they can examine your skin and provide you with guidance. The fact is that doctors are there to treat you, but also to provide education so that you can be at your healthiest when you’re at home as well. 

Work With Your Best Dermatologist

Your best dermatologist would be one that you trust and who listens to your issues and needs. You want a doctor who truly makes an attempt to understand what you are going through, and then who offers you solutions and ideas that fit with your skin and health condition. Your dermatologist should be asking detailed questions so that they can get the entire picture of your skin and overall health so that they can make the right treatment decisions and recommendations. 

Fair Skin Problems

People with fair skin tend to have problems with the sensitivity of their skin. This can include rosacea, which can be caused by too much sun exposure or products that can trigger it. Rosacea manifests as irritation, swelling, and redness of the skin. Those with fair skin also burn much faster in the sun. It’s important that if you have fair skin you use strong sunscreen and also gentler skincare products that will not cause irritation. 

Darker or Olive Skin Problems

Dyschromia is a common issue for people who have darker or olive skin. It manifests as an issue with the tone of the skin. It can be uneven, or there can be discoloration as well. Melasma is the most well-known type of dyschromia, and it can be caused by pregnancy hormone changes and exposure to the sun. 

Age-Based Acne Problems

Most people, when they think of acne, think of teenagers. However, acne can strike adults as well. Teens and youths tend to be accepted higher on their faces, such as one the forehead, bridge of nose, and cheeks. It can also show up on the back. With adults, acne tends to pop up lower on the face, such as near the mouth. Depending on your age there are different treatment options for acne. Also, if you have scarring, then your dermatologist may recommend a product that will encourage collagen production to assist with healing. 

Eat Right

Most people know that to be healthy, you need to eat properly. You may not realize, but the health benefits extend to your skin as well. To avoid skin conditions such as acne, eat a Mediterranean diet and avoid eating chocolate and greasy foods. Dairy is also linked to acne. However, the triggers can be different for everyone, so talk to a cosmetic dermatologist to figure out what diet would work best for your skin. 

Of course, if you’re looking for the best dermatologist, then call Och’s today for a free consultation. They will give you the advice and guidance you need to have the healthiest and best-looking skin possible. 


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