Tips for Your CoolSculpting Success Story

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Tips for Your CoolSculpting Success Story


In 2010, the medical world advanced forward with a new tool that could remove fat without invasive procedures. This cooling procedure froze fat under the skin, and the body performed the removal process afterward. You might be curious about this procedure and how to make it work for your body. Explore these tips for CoolSculpting success as you strive for a lean figure.

Take Pictures Now and Later

Research this procedure before starting the belly fat removal process. It’s truly a gradual change that you’ll see across the entire treatment area. You won’t see a dramatic shift in weight loss as you would in a liposuction procedure. With this in mind, take a lot of pictures before and after your appointment. You’ll be able to see a slow change as time passes by. Try to take the photo with the same lighting and angle to your treatment area. The body needs time to process the frozen fat, and remove it through the lymphatic system.

Be Ready for Multiple Sessions

You may have great respect for your San Antonio dermatologist, but this professional cannot perform belly fat removal miracles in just one session. Every patient has a different appointment schedule based on their weight and treatment area. Each session lasts around one hour, and the professional uses a CoolSculpting tool against your skin. You may feel some minimal discomfort as the procedure wears on, but the results are well worth it. To pass the time, bring your headphones, music or a magazine. Your professional will concentrate on the treatment as you relax.

CoolSculpting and Healthy Diets Go Hand-in-Handbelly fat removal, coolsculpting

As you enjoy the results from your belly fat removal procedure, be aware that eating unhealthy foods and leading a sedentary lifestyle won’t come without some consequences. Fat freezing removes the current tissues, but it doesn’t stop new cells from developing. It simply gives you a boost to your weight-loss goals. Be aware of daily calorie intakes and exercise frequency. The weight stays off as you keep up with an active lifestyle. Being healthy also wards off any ailments that can hinder your fat-freezing success over the long term.

Evaluate the Side Effects

No procedure is without its side effects. Expect some soreness to occur after the appointment. The extent of soreness depends on the treatment area. Your thighs might be hardier than your sensitive belly area, for example. Tingling, numbness and itching may also be part of your experience. If any side effect is truly bothersome, contact your medical professional. Most effects subside after a few days. Your body needs time to acclimate to the procedure and rid you of those damaged, fat cells. Every body is different so be sure to research all possible side effect of fat freezing to make sure this process is right for you.

Prime Up Your Skin

As the fat developed on your body, the skin grew along with it. It’s important to note that the fat will dissolve over a few months, but the skin doesn’t react in the same way. You may have skin that seems to sag at this point. Treat these areas with lotions that encourage tight-skin results. The tissue needs time to tighten up after being stretched for so long. Your skin won’t suddenly look 20 years younger, but it can appear more supple with the right beauty products. Continue with a healthy diet and exercise as you see real changes to your body.

Choose an experienced, San Antonio professional to perform your belly fat removal procedure. Freezing fat off of the body requires knowledge about the skin, nearby tissues and the CoolSculpting system itself. With the right tools and professional by your side, you’ll have dramatic before and after photos in no time.

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