Top San Antonio dermatologist related trends to keep in view

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Top San Antonio dermatologist related trends to keep in view

The field of Dermatology is a vast and ever-changing one, with new trends developing every day. In San Antonio, thousands of people are turning to professional dermatologists to correct body imperfections. Here are some of the top San Antonio Dermatologist related trends to watch out for in 2016.

Facial Imperfections

In the age of social media and the all-important “selfie”, many people are relying on dermatologists to rejuvenate their youth for the camera. Filters can go a long way, but things like skin blemishes, bumpy noses, and wrinkles are easily treatable thanks to modern day advancements.

Buttocks Enhancement

Made increasingly popular by movie stars and Internet celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj, buttocks enhancement surgeries have become a staple for women looking to increase their sex appeal. There are more traditional filler operations available, but unfortunately, they carry a higher degree of risk. New breakthrough technologies, such as Cool Sculpting, are non-invasive procedures that can visibly reduce fat without any surgery whatsoever.

Lip Alterations

Extremely popular with young adults inspired by Kylie Jenner’s latest lips, fillers and lip liners have been taking the nation by storm. Many patients looking to have a fuller, more voluptuous set of lips now have more options than ever before. Many of the lip liners available today require minimal downtime to recover from, and are dissolvable overnight, should the need arise.

Doe Eyes

When meeting someone for the first time, their eyes are often the first thing noticed. As such, recent San Antonio Dermatologist related trends have aimed to improve the appearance of eyes and the skin that surrounds them. Made popular in part by celebrities like Zoe Deschanel and Kate Middleton, deeply set eyes are considered the epitome of beauty.  Eyelid surgeries are an option, but for those looking for something less invasive, there are also eyelid-firming procedures that do not require any downtime or surgery.

Chin Fat Reduction

Most would agree that having a “double chin” is an undesirable trait. Fortunately, advancements have been made to procedures that specifically target chin fat. In the past, surgery or liposuction were the only ways to accomplish true chin fat reduction. However, a new injectable that promises similar results is currently undergoing clinical trials. If approved, a visit to the local San Antonio Dermatologist may be all that is needed to slim up that chin!

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