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Transcend the Aging Process with Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

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Beautiful lips with cosmetic fillersTimes have changed. Women in San Antonio are choosing to age gracefully on their own terms. Women who do not like wrinkles or are frustrated with sagging skin resulting from aging are looking to cosmetic dermatology and fillers to smooth out lines in their skin. The dermal filler treatments minimize the appearance of crow’s feet and other signs of aging.

How Does Cosmetic Dermatology Work? 

Aged facial skin typically appears in the form of wrinkles, crow’s feet, or thinning lips. Filler treatments are injected into the skin. Folds are removed and hollow areas are filled in with injections. The treatments create plumpness and can help tighten the skin on the face. The refreshed, new look adds balance to the face. Fillers are a non-invasive procedure that require very little recovery time. Fillers are injected throughout the face along the nose, jaw lines, underneath the eyes, and wherever the problem areas are. Most people see a noticeable improvement immediately and results can last anywhere from several months to two years.

Factors Most Commonly Affecting Results

Several factors can affect the success of cosmetic dermatology procedures. The type of injections used can determine how long a treatment lasts. Synthetic injections can last for up to two years with a series of treatments over a few months while natural treatments tend to not last as long. Skin care is another factor that can affect how long a treatment lasts. Genetics and how you age can play a significant role in the longevity of the results as well.

Treatment Injection Process

The entire process takes about 30 minutes to complete. First, the face is mapped to highlight areas that will be treated. Next, there will be markings made at the various injection sites. The areas will be thoroughly cleansed. The areas of the face will be made numb and the injections will be performed. The area will be massaged to achieve the right definition. If additional treatment to the area is needed, more treatments may be inserted into the injection site. The area is then cleansed and the markings removed. Very rarely complication such as, allergic reactions will occur. Most people do report experiencing bruising after an initial treatment. Many people who are unhappy with their appearance and wrinkling issues now have more options than ever to achieve the look they’ve always wanted.