Understanding all the Stages of Micro Needling

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Understanding all the Stages of Micro Needling

micro needling san antonioWatching the skin age over time can be frustrating for some people, especially across the facial features. A cosmetic dermatologist in San Antonio might suggest a skin rejuvenation procedure including skin resurfacing treatments, or skin rejuvenation products that will temporarily improve the appearance of the dermis. Take a deeper look at micro needling for longer term results and its stages that lead to a brand-new look.

Topical Anesthetic Application

This procedure involves the puncturing of the skin at minute levels. With this fact in mind, patients might be concerned about any discomfort. Skin rejuvenation is almost always accompanied by a topical anesthetic. This medication absorbs into the skin so that the nerves don’t transmit any significant pain. In fact, the needling process is so quick that most patients only notice a slight feeling where the doctor is inserting the numerous needles. Doctors spread the anesthetic on the skin, and they test the area well before any procedures begin.

Skin-Depth Adjustments

When a cosmetic dermatologist works with a patient, the entire needling process is customized to the person and skin region being treated. The micro needling pen comes with an adjustable feature. In fact, the needles might change from a 0.25-millimeter length to 2-millimeters long. Doctors determine the needles’ lengths based on the skin area because each body section has a varied amount of dermis. Doctors want to keep the needles in the upper epidermis where only a small fraction of damage occurs reducing micro needling side effects. It’s this damage that activates the healing process which ultimately turns back the hands of time.

Pinpointing the Skin Area

Several areas can be treated with the needling process, including wrinkled or scarred sections across the face or neck. A cosmetic dermatologist will discuss the treatment areas with the patient so that every concerning section is covered. Stretch marks, darkened spots and more can be treated with needling as the main process. In particular, the face is the most common area to be treated. The doctor will also determine if there’s any sensitivity issues before the process begins too. Each patient will have a slightly different experience with the micro needling treatment.

The Healing Process

Similar to CoolSculpting, there’s no real recovery time for needling. The skin is barely pierced as the needles make their way into the layers, which means there’s less damage to be healed by the human body. Patients will normally see some redness and itching across their skin for about a day or two. In many cases, it only takes about a day for a patient to really see the effects of the needling. The skin may appear to glow with a beautiful smoothness to its features. Every patient should keep their hands away from the area so that the body can simply perform its normal healing process.

Returning for More Micro Needling

The human skin is constantly shedding old cells and developing new ones. Needling may need to be completed several times, depending on the extent of the damaged area and the average cost of micro needling. Some patients return once or twice a year for refinements to their appearance. Each individual will have their own treatment process planned out for them as the doctor designs a needling process that works for that patient. This treatment process works on any skin color so anyone can reap the benefits of needling.

After meeting with a skin rejuvenation professional, consider another treatment called CoolSculpting. This procedure involves the skin being exposed to freezing conditions by way of a strategically placed tool. Fat naturally breaks down after the CoolSculpting process. Couple this procedure with micro needling, and patients will have a smooth and lean physique for many years to come.

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