Use Coolsculpting To Target and Freeze Away Fat from These Areas

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coolsculpting, fat freezing techniques After a hard workout in a San Antonio gym, you probably feel pretty good about yourself. You feel stronger, more confident, and you can be proud of the work you’ve done. Along with a diet, working out has probably either helped you lose a significant amount of weight or maybe helped you add some muscle. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, but it can be ruined if you walk by a mirror and see a little bit of extra fat that you didn’t think was so prominent. There is a procedure that can help remove those annoying and frustrating pockets of fat and keep you feeling those good vibes all day long.

What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a procedure that can target spots on your body and destroy the fat cells. It does this by freezing them. This will kill the cells, and the frozen dead cells are then flushed away naturally by your body. This will leave a troublesome spot looking leaner and healthier. It’s non-invasive, and you can see results within a few months. Here are some areas that you can target with this procedure.

Love Handlescoolsculpting, fat freezing techniques

Despite the cute name, nobody actually loves their love handles. You may do a million crunches and other exercises to work your abs, but sometimes those little pockets of flab on your flanks just won’t go away. Luckily, you can target those spots for freezing. Since love handles generally come in twos, you can have them both treated at the same time or choose to go with one at a time. No matter what, you’ll look slimmer and feel better after those fat cells are gone.

The Chin and Neck

A double chin or a waddle is especially annoying since it is right below your face and can be very hard to hide. In the past, a double chin could only be removed by surgery. Now freezing can help do the job. There is a special tool that your dermatologist can use that fits nicely under the chin to efficiently freeze the hanging fat cells there. Having a double chin is no longer a life sentence. You can have it treated and gone in no time with no recovery period needed.

The Arms

The arms can be a sore spot for many people. With aging, the skin starts to sag and can look loose and flabby even if you had toned arms in your youth. It can almost start to look like you have wings. Coolsculpting can target those fatty deposits and get your arms back to their previous toned look. There is an applicator designed specifically for arms as well, to make sure it can best target those cells. Because the procedure is more gradual than a surgery such as liposuction, then skin has time to adjust to the loss of fat underneath, and you won’t be left with dangling loose skin as a result.

The Belly

coolsculptingWhen we’re talking weight and fat loss, the tummy is one of the prime spots to think about. It is also the main area that patients target for freezing to get that flat stomach that everyone wants.




The Thighs

Some people want a thigh gap. Others might just want to throw away their saddlebags. Whether it is the inner or outer thighs, fat freezing techniques can handle the job.

Ochs Dermatology in San Antonio can help you target those trouble areas and freeze them away. Coolsculpting is just one of the many techniques they can use to help you look younger and feel more confident.

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