What to Know Before Having a Cosmetic Dermatology Procedure Done.

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cosmetic dermatology, dermatologyToday’s cosmetic dermatology procedures are so varied that patients may be overwhelmed by all the options. From body sculpting to acne treatments, dermatology is more than just cleaning the skin and pores. If patients are planning on any skin procedures, there are several factors they must consider before the big day arrives.


Designate a Driver

Many cosmetic dermatology procedures are entirely outpatient treatments. The patient comes in for an appointment and emerges several hours later to go home. There is no hospital or invasive processes necessary for many common treatments. However, patients should still designate a driver to transport them to and from the doctor’s office. Although the procedures aren’t major ordeals, patients could still be disoriented from the treatment. To be completely safe, patients shouldn’t drive on the day of their appointment. The friend or family member is also there for support, if necessary. Even a small procedure might be stressful for the patient.

Cosmetic Dermatology Side Effects

Even the simplest dermatology treatment has side effects. For instance, a local anesthetic could make patients slightly dizzy. That’s one of the main reasons to have a designated driver as a companion. Physical side effects can last for several days, including bruising and swelling. Depending on the procedure, patients could require rest and cold compresses to reduce swelling. There might be oral medicines necessary to treat pain, creating another side effect grouping. Patients should speak to their doctors about potential side effects, especially if medication is already being taken for an existing condition. Skin procedures shouldn’t interfere with any other health issues.

Allowing Downtime

Busy lifestyles don’t always agree with a prescribed bed rest time period, but follow doctor’s directions carefully. The body needs to heal, and it cannot do that with too much stress placed on it. Take a few days off from work or have the family pitch in with chores at home. When the body can concentrate on healing, the rest period will be over in no time. Trying to work normally only prolongs recovery and may damage the treated area. Doctors will give specific resting times for all recovering patients.

Dermatology experts are spread across the nation, including San Antonio, but all professionals adhere to certain rules. Discuss any procedural concerns with the doctor before the main appointment. Not all procedures are right for every patient. There may be alternatives available that are better suited to the individual.

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