When Medical Dermatology is the Solution to Your Acne

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You might think that acne mostly affects teens and is a minor

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inconvenience, but the fact is, acne is a medical issue and can be a huge issue for a lot of people in San Antonio. Sure, for most people it is more a cosmetic problem than anything else, but for some, acne requires a visit to a dermatologist to provide medical dermatology services to get rid of the problem. The question is: how do you know when to see a doctor about acne? Here’s a quick guide. 


You’ve Never Had It Before

If you do not have a history of acne, and red bumps suddenly appear on your face, chest, and back, then it’s a good time to call your dermatologist. Even if you have had acne before, if it looks different than what you are used to, it’s a good idea to get it checked out. Conditions such as folliculitis look like acne but require different treatments and could cause different issues. 


Over The Counter Products Are Not Improving Your Condition

For many people, acne can be cleared up using a product bought at a local drug store. However, sometimes acne doesn’t respond to an over-the-counter product, or it may even get worse. If this is happening to you, then medical dermatology might be what you need to get things under control. It’s hard to know how long you should stick with your over-the-counter treatments, but generally, if something isn’t working after three months, you should move on to something different. A doctor will be able to properly identify the correct type of acne and prescribe an appropriate treatment. In many cases, this might be a prescription acne medication that will have more healing power than an over-the-counter product. 


If It Is Overly Inflamed

Sometimes acne can get severely inflamed, in which case you shouldn’t even bother with any over-the-counter products. They will not be powerful enough to soothe the inflammation and provide the healing you need. You will be wasting money trying to attack an elephant with a mouse. If your acne presents in the form of nodules or cysts, then you definitely need to see a doctor. These are the types of acne that are most likely to cause scarring, which can have a lifelong impact on the look of your face and the health of your skin. 


It Seems To Be Caused By Medication

There are some medications that can cause acne as a side effect. These include steroids and even birth control pills. If you are getting acne as a result of taking any medication, then consult your dermatologist right away. They may be able to provide a different medication that can achieve the same results but that won’t cause a reaction on your skin. 


Your Acne Is Affecting Your Mental Health

Your outside appearance can absolutely influence your mental health. If your acne is causing you to lose confidence, or it is making you depressed, then it is significantly impacting your life. If you start to avoid social situations, or it is affecting your love life, then you need to have a professional look and help you clear up the problem. 


Medical Dermatology

Medical dermatology goes beyond cosmetic treatments and helps with health conditions of the skin. Acne is one of those conditions for which it is sometimes best to get help from a dermatologist. 


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