Why Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures Are Not as Bad as You Think.

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When cosmetic dermatology was in its infancy, patients only had facelifts and other extreme procedures to choose from as they enhanced their beauty. Thoughts of facial bruising and hiding behind sunglasses were usually true recovery problems, but today’s procedures are vastly different. When a patient enters a doctor’s office in San Antonio, for instance, they’re met with several procedure options. Enhancing beauty isn’t as bad as patients might think because of medical advancements.

The Cosmetic Dermatology Invasive Factor

Invasive cosmetic procedures are no longer the norm in any medical office. Technology today allows doctors to alter skin imperfections without physically cutting into the body. Extreme procedures usually do more harm than good. Dermatologists understand that less is more for most patients. Fine wrinkles and drooping skin are easily fixed with slight alterations to elasticity, including the use of filler treatments.

Fillers to the Rescue

Pulling the skin tight with facelifts is now accomplished using filler treatments. Patients visit the doctor for an evaluation. Doctors make notes of potential filler sites on a diagram. A dermatologist then locates specific areas on the face to inject with fillers, removing those fine lines and wrinkles. Patients leave the office shortly afterward, looking radiant and barely requiring any recovery period. As an outpatient procedure, patients benefit greatly from this non-invasive beauty choice.

Spider Vein Frustration

Varicose veins are those tiny blood vessels appearing on legs as people age, creating a beauty problem that includes the critical circulatory system. Dermatologists understand these unsightly veins must be taken care of as gently as possible. Scarring across the legs is an even worse fate than the veins themselves. Using sclerotherapy, doctors inject a specialized saline into the vessels at several appointments. Over time, the vessels break down and skin resumes its smooth surface.

The Future is Bright

Dermatologists are constantly on the lookout for brand new procedures. Being the largest organ in the body, the skin must be cared for with as little procedural damage as possible. As needles become smaller, doctors are able to inject fillers and other treatments under the skin that work their magic without a sharp scalpel and long recovery time.

As patients consider cosmetic dermatology for their bodies, research doctors thoroughly. Because there’s not much room for error, filler treatments must be performed by professionals who have extensive education and experience. With the right professional, patients have a beauty partner for life.

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