Why Filler Treatments are the New Black.

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filler treatments, dermatologySeveral decades ago, aging across the face was only treated with invasive surgeries, including facelifts. More people today are looking to innovative dermatology treatments in big cities, including San Antonio. Instead of a complete surgical procedure, patients trust filler treatments to wipe the years off faces. These simple treatments are slowly becoming the new black for many patients.

Makeup No Longer a Mask from Aging

Millions of dollars have been spent on makeup foundations and powders so the aging process doesn’t appear as severe. However, both women and men find this anti-aging concept to fall flat. Filler treatments require a single dermatology visit in most cases, while lasting up to 12 months. There is no daily application of makeup, saving the person time and money overall. A day without makeup still shows off a youthful look.

Filler Treatments Offer Virtually No Pain

Although there are needles involved with filler procedures; doctors have an ingenious way to make it almost pain-free. An anesthetic is part of the injection process, so only minor pressure is felt. Each patient has a slightly different experience because they will receive one or more injections based on the treatment’s overall goal. There is no need for recovery because invasive processes haven’t occurred.

Procedures Completed Over a Lunch Hour

Patients don’t have to take an entire day off from work to receive these fillers. An extended lunch hour could be just enough time to receive the injections and return to the office. There may be slight reddening of the face, but patients shouldn’t look unsightly compared to a more invasive procedure. The filler takes effect over the next few days as it settles into the facial lines.

Results Last for Nearly a Year

The fountain of youth may not exist, but it could feel so as the filler lasts around a year. Some patients feel the need to return sooner for a refresher injection, but it’s not entirely necessary. The filler eventually leaves the body, leaving the face as it was before the injections. Patients notice the difference and usually opt for additional treatments to create the youthful look again.

Unless a patient has a current dermatology office they trust, visit several physicians before choosing a caregiver. Filler treatments require training and experience to pinpoint exact wrinkle locations. Patients want a professional with a steady hand, making beautiful skin surface with each appointment.

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